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Som Do Brasil

by Junior Bill

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Tatty Laces 03:17
All of the chavs and the ravers All the ones lost in the pavements We won't let your culture slip away All of the fucked and the faithless Clingin' on to tatty laces We can't let your culture slip away This is a homage to the ragamuffin big nothin's Big up to takeaway tray generations Harry met Sally in a nightclub in Newport Down Chippy Alley was a world that we all thought was wrong But it's alright on the night Where are the hungriest junglists who only want to get pissed? And big little towns, ups and downs Just for multiple rounds with the clowns Did you ever see the DJ look so down? Daisy chains pursuin' fame who used to live in Pentrebane The only way to make a name was singin' in Womanby lane It was always tunes up in the stars And now it's chasin' girls in bars But the same old faces are still at large Bouncin' on the neon tar Baby blue tracksuit - release me from this acne Dragon Taxis pick me up from Llanrumney St Mellons to Ely, put your hands up if you feel me All the nutters and spacecakers 'alf and 'alf munchers and wasters Please don't let the city get you down All dealer types and money makers Local characters reppin' Cathays cause You're the only interesting people in this town!
We've been down in adversity. so long, so long If we unite then we will be free, so strong, so strong So, cheer up Joel Beswick, cheer up Rory Saunders Cheer up John Whittles on the drums, cheer up L-Hyo (Now I'm gonna speak about a brother who made me think If people are united for the same reason I have no doubts at the least, we'd be happier Stronger and free, just like you say Now I wanna see everyone jumping This is Junior Bill & The Scallies from Portugal to the Valleys on stage This is an invasion, this anything goes So, everyone put your hands up, up in the sky And let's all shout out loud) (Directly from Portugal to Wales The valleys to the city of Cardiff, L-Hyo people There are good things that come for a reason Although unexpected, amazing to know That I would be rapping with you guys Woah they are big in the game People this is Junior Bill & The Scallies A super big band, sweet, this is it, no chance We are going to smash it, no doubt Do you doubt? Well, listen It is so beautiful, like I said before I don't wanna ask for more I just wanna see everybody united, more united, even more united Because united we've been always bigger than you think Those who want you to believe you're small Will only say it if you let them You give more than enough reasons to allow them You know what? Stop them now, believe in yourself)
Up In Lines 05:26
A proper job's not hard to find People get them all time That's why we're always queuing up in lines (A proper job isn't hard to find But I haven't got one (that's what I mean) You worry too much The queues get bigger and one promises more The other one even more and the other one still more But life doesn't let us playing around And therefore, thanks to God, a new Mandela is coming Who from prison to prison has been educating himself in the light of the candles Building up from a window the speech that would be changing the world's thinking: "I don't want to be compared to Nero but I don't buy their ideas, no I am not stupid nor do I tolerate them, my rap is a serious thing I don't let them to play around in my empire nor in the ministry I don't accept all this talk and no actions Don't take any notice of the news Brother you have studied to become engineer but you are jobless?" "And it is in that way that one more big heart like me is going to make history Like God always hoping and wishing, and not like human beings, Always wanting, wishing to make Today's world is what it is (destroyed) thanks to a half dozen of bananas who run election campaigns promising worlds and funds But in the end they do nothing Playing with our money by making propaganda, it is what it is Believe people: you have the authority but you don't make your voice heard You complain and defame whoever faces the bad boys And debate about important issues, like how to end the political system Which leaves us confused, not knowing where to go. Let go the feeling of fear, knowing doesn't take up space at all Get yourself out of this movie, the secret is in your strength Which is found inside you, put an end to it now brother!" "Oh united we will always win, there is nothing or anyone who can intimidate us We are all brothers, we're all members of the same family We are all from the same blood So even when we misunderstand each other, whatever brother! For I will not let the system take advantage upon us, no, I will not let it happen")
Manda Ritmo 04:20
The start is a long, cold, lonely winter But happiness is not a destination Nothing changes when you're a legal drinker So never think above your station
Welcome to Cop Pacificação Leave your shinpads behind You won't need them no more There are only four teams in Cop Pacificação A melhor defesa e aquela com mator armar de fogo (The best defence is that which has bigger fire power) But militia strikes against tykes on push bikes There ain't no way to level the score Too many kids on the floor now There are no rules in Cop Pacificação Traficantes filled the referee with lead And there ain't no winners in Cop Pacificação T.V. highlights show clips of the dead Strikers make runs but defenders got guns In the city of God, you only see red Players get shot to the head now! (And who never heard about the City of God? É nois, shhh In Rio, whoever makes my people look like stupid Wait there! Stop the party! Just because you are in suit see Doesn't mean you will intimidate or fool me With your projects and methods That aim for 'a better future for the nation' There is so much hypocrisy from police agents in the peripheries What for? For pacification? Is this provocation or what? You've been spending millions in the World Cup Magazines, Newspapers, T.V. gossip And what about the country? "Whatever! it doesn't make any difference to us" Typical thoughts of a politician, watch out people!) Who do you think you are boy? You're not a superstar, boy You'll never get that far, boy When you come from the favela, boy
Som Do Brasil, play Junior Bill (Sounds of Brazil, toca Junior Bill) (Girl, being famous it isn't important to me My heart is calling for you "When are we going to bed to watch that T.V. programme? And then, just us... can't believe it, that's amazing! That is all I was dreaming about No money, one love and one hut I am dancing, you're dancing Until I get tired, you won't rest I go crazy when you shift the gear I love when you use those pigtails and you throw that look You go along and without touching me You take me to explore the other side of the world Even now I am still unable to explain it) (Beautiful girl you are my everything Sensual, never without salt And always with Latin vibe Beauty with divine soul, my map, my life I just wanna be with you And live the dream for ever my Caipirinha)


Rehearsed, Recorded at and Dedicated to Cathays Youth & Community Centre
Additional recording at Casa De L-Hyo

This is a completely independent release


released February 26, 2015

Rob Nichols - Vocals, Guitar
L-Hyo - Vocals
Joel Beswick: Keyboards
Rory Saunders: Bass
John Whittles: Drums

Produced by Joel Beswick & Rob Nichols
Engineered by Joel Beswick & Ed Townend
Mastered by Meurig Hailstone

Photo by Tess Seymour
Tropicalia Designed reworked by Ben Fields


all rights reserved



Junior Bill Cardiff, UK

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