Off Broadway

by Junior Bill

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Recorded at Brighton Electric in January 2016

Supported by the Horizons Launchpad fund 2015/16 (delivered by BBC Cymru Wales in partnership with Arts of Council Wales with the National Lottery)

Gyda chefnogaeth cronfa Lansiad Gorwelion 2015/16 (a ddarperir gan BBC Cymru Wales mewn partneriaeth â Chyngor Celfyddydau Cymru a’r Loteri Genedlaethol)


released April 1, 2016

Junior Bill are:

Rob Nichols - Vocals, Guitar
L-Hyo - Vocals
Joel Beswick: Keyboards, Piano and Hammond Organ
Rory Saunders: Bass
John Whittles: Drums, Percussion
Ed Townend: Percussion Synth

Produced by Kyle Blackburn (The Future Dub Project/Soundfangled)
Assisted by James Duff
Engineered by Josh Harrison (Brighton Electric)
Production Assistant: Esme Southern

"Respectable Man" mastered by Daniel Boyle at Rolling Lion Studios
"Sofas" and "What You Sayin' Man?" mastered by Kyle Blackburn

Thanks to Mike Pockett, Imogen Hannan, the staff at Brighton Electric, Bethan Elfyn and all those at the Horizons project.

Photo by Rory Saunders
Design by Ed Townend



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Junior Bill Cardiff, UK

Urban skank robbers stealing hearts from here to Lisbon - Est. 2013.


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Track Name: Respectable Man
Walking down by castle street now
A homeless man calls out
“Can I have 20p for a cup of tea” now
Was his shout
On his arms were scabby tracks
Covered up by tatts
What a thing to ask

Find my way to Womanby
A stranger stops me in her stride
“Have you got any change for me?”
The girl cried
A charity mugger
Oh not another
Look on her face like her mother doesn’t love her

What do these people want from me?
Don’t they know nothing comes for free?
Cos I’m a respectable man
And I work hard to get by
I deserve what I earn
So don’t take a piece of my pie

Say hello to Zinc Street
To the sounds of the Rag n Bone
“Give us all your metal, people
In your cosy terraced homes”
In his eyes, yeah, you could tell
What he wants is professional help
Not copper to melt

But what do these people think they’re owed?
Can’t even walk down my road!
Cos my cow of a wife
Is already milking me dry
Accept your fate
It ain’t my fault you’re work-shy

Pull yourself up by your bootstraps
Cut the crap
and get off your back
it’s up to us to take the slack
and if ya wanna know
I’m alright Jack

Aren’t there places you can go?
How can you afford that Strongbow?
Cos I pay my tax
To pay for people like you
Get up off your backs
Get out of the dole queue
Track Name: Sofas
"No one should get something for nothing"
Said the man who got everything for nothing, nothing
Just a genetic twist of fate
To inherit wealth so great
You’re not my mate
You’re not my mate

But as soon as the people get up off their sofas
The unwashed masses the lazy loafers
You can’t hide under your four poster
The serfs and plebs are coming to get ya

And now it’s back to the ball and chain, disdain
To deal with the cards the world dealt you
From the shirkers to the burkas
Get in line with call centre workers
Oh they can’t hurt us
No, they can’t hurt us

On the perfect day
Tudo seria como imaginei (everything would be like I always imagined)
Um mundo onde as diferancas sociais (a world where social differences)
Ja nao existiriam mais (wouldn't exist anymore)

Seriamos todos iguais (oh we would all be the same)
Nao haveria pobres nem ricos (there wouldn't be poor or rich)
Nem classes sociais (neither social classes)
E mais por mais diferentes que fossemos um dos outros (and more however different we were from one another)
Pouco ou muito muito ou pouco eramos iguais (little or very much very much or little we would all be equal)
Mas nada disso acontece povo (but nothing like that is happening my people)
Eu disso tenho a certeza e ponho as minhas maos no fogo - esquece (of that i am sure and i put my hands in the fire - forget)
E nem que eu tivesse de nascer de novo (not even if i had been born again)
Tenho a certeza que ia passar pelo mesmo de novo - peco (I am sure that I would be facing the same issues all over again - I ask)

A todos irmaos (to all my brothers)
Muita fe e compaixao (a lot of faith and compassion)
Vamos todos levantar as maos (lets all raise our hands)
Todo o mundo em busca da uniao (everybody in search of union)
Everybody now I said uniao (unite)
Everyone say uniao
Now everybody say uniao
Now everybody say

E agora bora la todo mundo a pensar junto (and now let's all think together)
Se eu andar num Porsche ou num Ferrari vira logo assunto (if I drive a Porsche or Ferrari it becomes a topic)
E se eu viver em Ely ou Splot nao posso ganhar muito (and if I live in Ely or Splott I shouldn't be earning enough)
Apenas viver de beneficios e andar num Fiat Punto (I should only be able to live on benefits and drive a Fiat Punto - why)
So porque eu sou preto e vivo no getto - peta (just because I look rough and live in a deprived area - crap)
E se por azar nascesse Romeno - ou Checo (and if by chance I was born Romanian - or Czech)
Inda era menos considerado pela sociedade (I would be even less noticed by society)
E despresado como merda na sargeta - protesto (and ignored just like faeces in the toilet - I protest)
Nao importa quem nao importa o que (no matter who no matter what)
Nem vale a pena mano (not worth it bro)
Daqui nao levas nada (you won't win anything with it)
A nao ser muito argumento da cara e banho de augua gelada (only a lot of arguments and unnecessary fights)
Track Name: What You Sayin' Man?
If you’re out on your own and you’re down on your luck
What you sayin' man?
Go see your guy and cease to give a fuck
What you sayin' man?
Up to Mynachdy via North Road
Tenner in my hand
Gotta see a man about a dog
Cos its dry as a bone
What you sayin' man?

What you sayin' man?
Now I’m lonely and blue
What am I gonna do?

On come the lights to reveal the undead
What you sayin' man?
At the end of the night there’s one place to head
What you sayin' man?
I see my mates by the magistrates
They be sleepin' rough
So what’s the use getting irate?
Thinking I got it tough

But oh when you ain't got no plan
And the shit hits the fan
Shit hits the fan
Oh there’s only one way to say
What you sayin' man?

Well I’m off to Broadway down by Mario’s
And if I’m off to Cathays I’m goin’ Monthemer road